Decorating Sense: Less is More

Designing a room is not always as simple as it looks in the pictures you see on Facebook and Instagram. It takes a bit of brain work and useful combination of colors, textures and shapes that all come together to bring the imagination to life.

Some folks are often tempted to squeeze everything they love into one space thereby create a bit of a confusion at first glance. But I believe that less is more when you know exactly what you are doing because you have planned ahead.

Here are some points to consider when planning to decorate a room:

  • Decide on a theme
  • Choose a color scheme
  • Decide on the objects to use taking into consideration shapes, sizes, textures and colors
  • Make sure the room has well lit. If possible opt for natural lighting
    • Except you are going for high end design, shop around for items on the used market. Places like Facebook Market Place and Pinterest are few places to look for inspiration and beautiful items to use in your decor.

What ever you design choice, remember that what matters most is that the room is functional and satisfies your decor needs.

When I decorate my focus is always on the lighting; how the light impacts the objects and overall decor I love light spaces so bringing in the light is very important when I decorate.

In this picture I decorated a small corner with the primary color as beige. I worked around that color to add complimentary colors as seen in the pillows, vases, flowers, and painting making sure that the room had access to light the reflects the combination of greens, oatmeal, brown tones.