DIY Room Makeover

How to makeover your home office or craft room on a budget. With the right intention and some sweat equity you can surely transform a drab space into a vibrant area to work or simply enjoy leisure time.

This Spring I undertook a project to redecorate my work room at home. My work room is my do-it all-space. But what I wanted to create within that space was a display area. Somewhere I could display my sewing and other craftwork.

I had to think carefully about the colors and shapes that I wanted to use in my project. The first colors that jumped at me were royal blue and white. The shapes that kept coming to mind were stripes and polka dots.

Before long a picture started to form in my mind. I could visualize what the finished project would look like. I was excited.

Next I had to think about the furniture to use. I decided to repaint my old bookcase and use that as a display point. I also had a small white buffet with butcher’s block top which was being used in another part of the house. I took that buffet and painted the butcher block the same white as the bookcase. It was a perfect match. Almost like the fancy shelvings from furniture stores.

So for my first display I decided to make throw pillows, place mats and padded chair cover. I made pillows in various shapes using black and white stripes, white polka dots on a black background. I also made a royal blue pillow with the polka dots decal. The place mat and seat cover are royal blue.

The best part about this DIY project is that is cost me zero dollars for materials and supplies. All I had to invest was time and energy.

I went shopping in my craft and sewing supplies. The materials and supplies including fabric and threads were taken from my craft and sewing supplies (I usually buy scraps of fabric at a discount and keep them for projects like this). The paint and brushes, I already had from a previous project. I also have a toolbox filled with any type of tools and supplies that are used in renovations and light projects so those came in handy.

The finished project truly came together very well. Very proud of how I pulled this together.

Now on to making more craft and projects for the display.

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